Find your expression number

This number is considered one of your core numbers. Each letter of your name has a number assigned and that sum of letters from your full name reveal your talents, abilities and imperfections that you carry in life.It's neccesary to use your name because it shows who you are. The name you received at birth is the name you were meant to have.The expression number describes your talents and attitudes available during this life, in case that you decide to develop them.Sometimes is called potential or destiny. Although to live with the influence of this number can be an interesting challenge, it is your goal here and now. Somehow it shows us the purpose in this life, internal tilt and areas of opportunity.This number can be obtained with your fullname reducing and summing digits assigned to every letter of your fullname.

We invite you to get your expression number and to know the influence of this number with your personality.

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Expression number

Your expression number is part of the sum of all letters from your fullname. Essence of vibrations that compound the big part that you are; it's possible to discover it when you write your name and bellow you assign a number to every letter. When you do this you have to make the sum. In this point you should have the result of every name that you have in a single digit. After that you have to sum all of them until get a final digit. Now we are ready to make a complete table, sum vowels, consonants and total expression. You shouldn't try to get it with the sum of vowels and consonants, use always a third proccess with every letter in a separated line, using the simplest method can make you lose 11 and 22 numbers or find a number that doesn't belong to the expresion. Soon you'll be able to recognize general meaning of every number. Thanks to numerological analysis we can try to recognize our limitations and discover what are the activities that we are destined to do.