Meaning of numbers

Each has a specific power which is shown by its symbol to denote its representation and by its connection to universal principles. Every number have relationships with different things in nature, that make them potent symbolic expressions.Every number with two or more digits can be reduced to a single digit, that's the reason because we only need meaning from the numbers 1 to 9, without using zero because none can be reduce to that digit.In numerology there are not better numbers than others, all of them are needed in some point in our lives.


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Meaning of numbers

There are 11 buttons with a different number, if you want to get the meaning of each you have to click on it.This page offers you meaning of numbers according numerology, you will find numbers between 1-9 and master numbers 11 and 22. Each number has a different vibration, you just need to select your number and you'll have its meaning.This page is easy to use, you just need to click number buttons that you want to know, if you want to know more about other numbers you just need to repeat same action.Maybe you are looking some knowledge about numbers, in this place you can get all the information that you want with the meaning of numbers. Each number has a different meaning and vibration. This page shows you numbers from 1 to 9 including master numbers 11 and 22 with their meanings.It's easy to use and you have everything in just one click, if you are looking for knowledge then you are in the right place, you can discover the meaning of every number and know about every characteristic. Everyone has a number associated, we have some numbers that stay with us during lifetime, find them free!