What are my lucky numbers?

Every person born in a specific time. For a reason brings with him/her an amount of vibrations. That compound his or her personality, talents and abilities, to handle all difficulties and goals to reach. This precise moment is called: Cosmic synchronism. Every human being and the world around us are coded with that unique energy. This is unrepeatable and makes us unique. You can't find two equal human been with same characteristics. It is a travel to yourself. We have the advantage when we know us, in this path of learning and evolution. Knowledge like gifts, aptitudes, that we have to raise our goals, and use them, update them, give them a path to go deeper in the best way. To maximize our abilities, multiplying our capabilities in more beneficial ways. Main idea is to take advantage of numerology to know our weakness and negative ways of our behavior. To change them and keep growing in this life. Cleaning our way to be and projecting us in a more productive, healthy, ideal way. To be able to raise knowledge to choose our happiness to join us in our successful mission.

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My lucky numbers

Each question or thought, can have an associated number. It can give us some clues to how manage a situation. It's quite easy to use. You need to write your question or thought within the field that you watched above before to arrive here. When it is done, it is necessary to click on the button to get your number. You can make unlimited questions on this page, and it's free. Try one now. This page is free as all in this website, so we encourage you to find all this kind of numbers that are adapted to you.

How get my lucky number?

Our algorithm will take data and will process, after you wrote your question or thought within the field. This is how is working: every single letter will have a number associated. The algorithm will get that number, and it will sum all the values until reach a number. After get that number it'll try to reduce it to a single digit, and that one is your number. It's that easy.

How is it generated every number?

This number will be created using the letters of your text. Every letter has a value. The algorithm will sum all these values, and if the solution is a single digit, this will be your number. In case, this number has more than one digit and this one is not a master number (11 or 22). It will try to reduce it again making the sum of both digits. It will repeat this process until it gets a single digit or master number. Here you can see the values of every letter:

Letter Value
a, j, s1
b, k, t2
c, l, u3
d, m, v4
e, n, w5
f, o, x6
g, p, y7
h, q, z8
i, r9

Where can I find my lucky numbers?

You can get numbers associated to your text. But this number belong to the lucky numbers category. In which you can get some lucky numbers for today too. These numbers are created using your personal data. They are unique every day and will change when the day is finish.

Who can use it?

This kind of number belongs to a safe category. It means, that everyone can use it. If you have some questions, you can get some answer to them. Every number has a purpose and vibration that make it unique. You can find, which are your numbers now!

Where can I find more numbers?

This site has different categories related to numbers. You can know more about your personal numbers, checking your numerology. There you will find numbers that you have since you have born. Another category is lucky lottery. You can get numbers to play different lotteries that we create for you with our algorithms. You have several options to get numbers, don't hesitate and search them.

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You can be fan of our pages in Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. We use to post news, tips and updates in these profiles to keep you in touch. You can find icons to these fan pages in some pages of the site. Find them and join us!


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