Numerology 22: Construction

This number is higher than 11, it is associated with people who have reached the earthly experience and obtained a great knowledge, they are able to achieve great things and become leaders of countries. People with this number can get some fame. They have an energy with a high evolution, being odd and even, masculine and feminine, passive and active. It is a number master number, that is shown in the Hebrew Kabbalah in the 22 Paths that unite the 10 Sephira of the Tree of Life, the 22 major Arcana of the Tarot, etc. They offer themselves as people willing to offer their experience to the people, in knowledge, intuitions, etc. They have the capacity to gather and form groups / teams to contribute to a common goal. They tend to guide and suffer when they can not, they have the need to create, that's the reason because are called the master builders.

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