Pick 5

Get lucky numbers to use them in your favorite lottery or contest.

What kind of numbers you can find

This page is a generator of 5 numbers. This number is generated with your data. Each day you have the chance to get a new one to try to win prizes. From this site we create numbers that you can use as a suggest.

How the lucky numbers are created?

Our algorithm uses different steps to create your number:

It starts getting your full name and the current date. After that, it gets your personal number from your full name and then is using some calculations to generate each number with the current date.

You can use this tool when you don't want to choose a random number and using it in your contest. This number can be your opportunity to win prizes.

Who can use this lottery page?

This page was created to bring you some numbers to use in your lottery. It's necessary to use it with responsibility and caution. It uses an algorithm that is not perfect. It suggest you a number for the day to use it if you want.